So delicate Flowergirls by Lim Zhi Wei / Love Limzy, Malaysian artist.

these are amazing

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Hans? I guess the word got around on what you did huh?

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I love it when Google Chrome screws up and they’re like “Fuck it here’s a tiny dinosaur pixel”






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Why I absolutely despise frozen







Under a read more. And yes I am tagging my hate because you need to stop liking problematic things that are just there to suck out your money

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One of the most idiotic posts I have ever had the displeasure of reading. Almost like a…

Shut up hater! That movie sucked so don’t be hatin on lokis-actual-butt you dick who probably thinks all women should be thin and white and men should do everything. I may be crossing a line and being mean but lokis-actual-butt is one of my favorite blogs and no one messes with that so kindly fuck off

"back the fuck off"? El Oh El.

Make me, tard.

I meant what I said. The OP was being utterly retarded, and deserves nothing but contempt. He/she/it doesn’t like being called out for their nonsense? Better think before writing such complete nonsense.

Stop using retard as an insult


I have a friend who has a mental problem which not only diminishes her social skills but she had to go through 8 surgeries in order to be able to walk (and she still has difficulties). Her parents are controlling, and our classmates ignore her and they always try to exclude her out of things because she is slower. It’s not fucking funny you fucking fedora wearing creep. Also you’re not “calling me out” you are insulting me without proving any valid points in your argument. What you’re basically doing is “if she doesn’t like this problematic thing that takes us a step back in diversity that EVERYONE LIKES AND SUPPORTS, she’s *insert ableist slur here*”

Honey if you resort to using slurs,you must have a very small vocabulary.

Oh boo hoo hoo.

Any arguments you provide an SJW they ignore.

A simple Google search would show you for example, that the Saami people, where the retarded (oops, there I go again) accusations of racism resulted against Disney, are in fact white. White minority, what will they think of next? The Saami are Fenno-Ugric, meaning they are kin to Finns, Estonians, and Hungarians.

So how the fuck can the movie be whitewashed, as tumblr retards claim, if the target were a white people in the first place.

I also seem to remember the OP claiming that this was anti-feminist film, or words to effect. A laugh riot, when everyone else is praising it for being the most feminist film of Disney to date.

So shut the fuck up you pair of subhumans, and look before leaping the next time, if you don’t want replies of this kind.

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Is it just me or does anyone else think Elsa and Jamie Chung look kinda similar. It seems like their animation looks a like. I feel like everyone would hate me for posting this.

they all have kinda round faces, get over it.

and how can you talk about their animation if you’re looking at two stills

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I am really done with some peoples stupid crap right now.

The movie hasn’t even came out yet and people are already saying they hate just because “Disney is ripping off dream works”

No, disney is not ripping off dreamworks. Stop saying that Hiro looks like Hiccup and Honey Lemon looks like Rapunzel. Because they don’t.

How about you wait until the movie comes out? Just like Frozen Anna looked nothing like Rapunzel!

It’s also mostly the people in the ROTBTD fandom. As I can tell in most posts I’ve seen accusing Disney that they are copying Hiccup’s design. NO hiro is NOT a modern Hiccup.

How can you accuse Disney about copying Dreamworks? Please stop already, it is very childish. What did these characters ever do to you? Just leave Disney alone, and be happy that they are here to entertain you and give you great memories.

I agree in everything you said but please stop blaming the RotBTD fandom about things. The RotBTD fandom exists because some people love Disney and DreamWorks the same way and I think all of them hate these fights and accusations between the two companies (but more generally among the whole animation fandom. We keep quite out of these things). If you have to identify people who naively say absurdities like Hiro looks like Hiccup that’s because there’s this kind of fashion on tumblr to hate on Disney and everything they do (probably because that’s a dumb and immature reaction to Frozen’s popularity). Now, saying that Hiro looks like hiccup is completely stupid and I don’t think sane people ever said that. But whoever does that, they do in order to provoke everyone on this site. And most of all, it’s “DreamWorks fans” (those who feel theyre so indipendent and alternative they can turn their back on the movies they grew up with) who take a little too seriously the rivalry between the companies and blame Disney for non-existent things, trying to prove DreamWorks is better than Disney and such.

But that’s obviously OUT of fucking ROTBTD. Rotbtd fandom exists because some people love the best of both worlds; and it’s not like all the DWA fans belong to that fandom only, you know.
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gifs on the first slide by kpfun

and i’m sorry for the typos

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Oh man what I love about this scene is they actually recruited Disney Animators for this one sequence.  The animators were thrilled to be able to do it and the producers for Family Guy were just BLOWN away at the length of detail the animators put in to this one sequence.

This is amazing


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Disney brunettes

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